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The Introduction; Conclusion And Abstract Of Dissertation

It is customary to say that the introduction, abstract should be written first since they form the beginning parts of the write-up; but things do not work out that way if you are to fully capture the full essence of your dissertation. Writing the body of your dissertation before going through the three under review here will confer more legitimacy and fluid to work.

After you have undertaken the write-up of the body of your dissertation, the following approach should be used in executing perfectly their introduction into the dissertation.

The Introduction

This is the starting point so to say and it should contain the following elements:

  • The preliminary background information should be provided here which will put your research into context.
  • You must clarify the focus of your dissertation to the readers here
  • What is the value(s) of the dissertation? It should be clearly stated here.
  • The aims of the research should be clearly stated here.

All the sections above should be approached in a way that will give the best results in terms of understanding. The background section should be clear enough to every reader and it must introduce them to your topic. The focus should be structured to provide information on the research as well as give credence to the study.

The value section deserves its own subtopic under the introduction. As for the research and objectives; the following should be remembered if you are to make the best out of it:

  • It should be appropriate
  • Must be distinct
  • Should be very clear
  • Must be achievable

The Conclusion

If you have done a perfect work, the conclusion will make you have a sense of achievement; if things do not go your way, it will present a load of challenges. You are expected to wrap-up here by creating something that will convince your readers. If you want to avoid the pitfalls; the following parts are mandatory:

  • The Research Objectives
  • Your Recommendations
  • The contributions to knowledge

You are to answer only two questions under the research objective. The recommendation will offer advice on what you think should happen next. Under the contributions, you are expected to understudy what has been researched in the past and build on the existing protocol. 

The Abstract

If you are to present a good abstract, it must contain the following parts:

  • Your statement question or problem you want to solve
  • The research methods adopted
  • The main results and findings
  • The major recommendations and main conclusions

Questions To Be Kept In Mind

The following questions should be kept in mind and should dictate your direction of flow as you write this section:

  • Is the focus identified? Is it clear enough?
  • Has the rationale behind the study presented clearly?
  • Is the approach to the conduct of the research relevant?
  • What about the summary of the main findings? Has it been provided?
  • What have l done with the main conclusions and recommendations?

The above are questions that you must provide genuine answers to if you want to make the desired headway.

Final take

The above represents the best way to go about getting the best results from Introduction; Conclusion And Abstract Of your Dissertation.

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