How to Compose Thesis Summary Section

When composing theses, bear in mind that their first chapter is vital since it’s the primary thing that all readers see, besides titles and abstracts. A thesis introduction must provide a summary of your whole work, explain main purposes, establish its quality, as well as leave an optimistic imprint on folks who go through it. […]

How to Correctly Reference a Dissertation

Referencing is very important in academic writing, no matter the level. Doing this correctly gives your work credibility aside and tells the marker the research you did on the topic. Also, note that you can’t submit a dissertation without a ‘scholarly reference.’ But how to do this correctly is sometimes a problem for students, especially […]

4 Quick Steps To Do Your Secondary Dissertation Research

Doing dissertation research has never been easy, especially for first-timers. Having to read numerous documents, noting important points, interviewing participants, taking data, and writing without help from a reliable coursework writing service could be depressing. However, if you have completed your primary research, then doing secondary research may be easier for you. So if you […]

Writing The Best Dissertation Abstract

Writing a good dissertation abstract will not come cheap on a platter of the diamond but it can be achieved if the right approach is adopted. We shall take you by the hands and describe how you can come up with a brilliant dissertation abstract that will confer legitimacy on your dissertation. How Do You […]

Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

A lot is involved in writing a perfect dissertation literature review. It goes beyond sitting down at your desk with a cup of coffee by your side and putting down the ideas. You are expected to provide a perfect overview of all the literature that you have gathered.  Questions have been asked and it is […]

5 Tips To Use For Dissertation Acknowledgements

If you are in the process of writing a dissertation for your Ph.D., it is important to include all required sections. Acknowledgements in dissertation might not earn you any marks but they are a crucial part of writing etiquette. You see, in academic research, the best works require many people to complete them successfully and […]

How To Prepare The Best Doctoral Dissertation Defense

Completing your PhD thesis is not enough to allow you graduate. Every department requires you to make a dissertation defense presentation in front of a panel of academicians. The presentation will also contribute to your overall score. Even with a captivating paper, your defense presentation could cost you the graduation. This calls for thorough preparation. […]

Tips To Demystify Your Dissertation Paper

What is a dissertation paper? It is a question most students in college ask. It is one of the most important forms of writing in academic circles. However, it is also highly misunderstood, and most students don’t have an idea about what it entails. This article will help you understand different aspects of this academic […]