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Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

A lot is involved in writing a perfect dissertation literature review. It goes beyond sitting down at your desk with a cup of coffee by your side and putting down the ideas. You are expected to provide a perfect overview of all the literature that you have gathered. 

Questions have been asked and it is still been asked on the best approach to use while writing dissertation literature. Among other things, you are expected to identify and read your sources; consider the gaps in the research among several other requirements. Now, how do begin and end well? The following tips will be of valuable help:

1 Sample Literature Review

Take a look at the sample literature review in your area of specialization and make sure you read through such thoroughly to familiarize yourself with such. Pay attention to the academic language used in other to familiarize yourself with the style of writing used.

2 Make It Simple

Make it very simple. There are several sources online that you can explore to get the best results. You are not to explore everything that concerns your topic in question. The concentration should be narrowed down in your literature review. You are expected to state the focus of your work here.

3 Current Sources

It is important to ensure that your sources are fresh. If your focus is on the medical field, for instance, any info that relates to this field might change within one year. It is important to balance your theory with the approach that is currently in vogue. 

4 Organization Of The Work

Take extra care to present a literature review that has a seamless flow. Where there is a disjointed combination of your work; you will not get the desired results on offer. A lot is expected of every scholar here. You have to think about the following areas and make sure they are properly organized:

The basic structure comes first

Extra attention should be paid to the structure of the body

It is mandatory to get the organization of the work right to achieve expected results.

5 The Paragraphs Of The Body

The next thing to execute at this stage after organizing the work in a way that will suit you is to take the step of writing the paragraphs of the body. Draw inspirations from sample paragraphs that are related to your field; make use of academic terms in the body of the paragraph as well as linking words that are important to writing an excellent literature review. 

If you are the one responsible for the conduct of the primary review; you are entitled to make bold claims. You are licensed to use the first person singular ā€˜lā€™.

6 The Conclusion 

You have to include only the summary of the implications that you have established in your literature here. It should be linked to your argument or general research. 

Final Take

You are advised to take note of the following essential steps which apply across all the areas of the discipline. Here are the highlights:

Do not describe the opinions of writers hook line and sinker

Use various techniques in structuring the body of your write-up

There should be ample evidence

Be selective in your use of materials

Use less direct quotes

Make your voice loud

Referencing should be correct.

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