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Tips To Demystify Your Dissertation Paper

What is a dissertation paper? It is a question most students in college ask. It is one of the most important forms of writing in academic circles. However, it is also highly misunderstood, and most students don’t have an idea about what it entails. This article will help you understand different aspects of this academic writing. Keep reading.

More about a Dissertation
No one will ever ask you to define dissertation paper, but instead, you must have an idea of what it entails. In the most basic terms, a dissertation is a paper you write at the end of your doctorate program. It forms the basis of your qualifications and is thus one of the most important projects you will undertake independently. The idea behind this crucial piece of writing is to prepare you for the field.

A dissertation paper sample will show you the magnitude of work ahead of you. You have to come up with a topic, a thesis, undertake research and then write all about this. Your paper must include findings and conclusions, and all these have to follow acceptable scientific standards. There is a supervisor you report to throughout the project and a committee you have to convince about the viability of your project.

These are some of the reasons many candidates drop off at this point. It requires focus, commitment, and discipline. However, if you have the necessary information, it is possible to sail smoothly through the project and impress the dissertation committee.

The Structure of a Dissertation
Now that you appreciate the importance of this project, it is crucial to learn about the structure. One common question candidates ask is “how long is a dissertation paper?” There is no rule on the length of this paper and your department will indicate the required word count. Among the crucial components in a dissertation paper are:

  • Dissertation proposal: Before you start writing, you must come up with a research proposal. You have to persuade the dissertation committee through this proposal that your project warrants their time. You can look up a dissertation paper example to find out more about this section.
  • Introduction: Includes a background of the problem, research question, and clear definitions of the terms. It sets the ground for your paper.
  • Literature review: Review the research process and materials used.
  • Methodology: Focuses on techniques used to collect data. For a qualitative dissertation, you need research questions, study area, participants, data collection techniques, and data analysis methods. Look at an APA dissertation sample paper to find out more about the methodology.
  • Findings: A discussion of results or an attempt to answer your research questions.
  • Conclusion: Summary of the study including a brief overview of the findings. It is important to show how the results affect your academic community. You should also add a “Recommendations for Future Research.” to aid further in understanding the problem.
  • Bibliography: Includes all sources used in the study following the required citation style.

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